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The 1844 Society is comprised of Kemper Military School & College active Alumni who support the association through its membership dues. In article III, of the association Bi-Laws found on the website outlines this membership as follows:

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If the Board of Directors so chooses: a membership of former alumni can be established. This membership of the Association will be classified as active members and associate members. Active members of the Association shall be men and women who have attended Kemper Military School & College or Kemper’s Girl Academy and who are current in their membership dues. Associate members shall be parents, relatives, and friends of students who attended Kemper. Associate members may not hold any office in the Association or vote at any meeting of the membership. Further, membership privileges are limited to rules and regulations that the Board of Directors established for governance purposes.

This active membership will be called the 1844 Society and under,



SECTION 3. Election & Term: The directors of the Corporation shall be elected by the current Board of Directors and its officers. Directors are elected for a term of two (2) years. Nomination for elections to the Board of Directors shall be made by a nominating committee. The nominating committee shall be made up of three (3) members of the Board of Directors and one (1) active member (who is current with membership dues) from the membership. The nominating committee shall turn in its slate of directors and officers four (4) weeks prior to the annual meeting. In the event there is not an active membership established then the nominating committee of current Board of Directors will meet two (2) weeks prior to “Corps Reunion” and present its recommended slate to the Board of Directors for final approval.

Your association is proud to announce the 1844 Society and will look for the support of the alumni to stand up the Museum and make the legacy of Kemper Military School a reality.  It is the intent of the KMS Alumni Association to work alongside the 1844 Society and help develop out the framework for which it will serve.  The core tenant of the 1844 Society is that the greater alumni has a real time voice and a seat on the Kemper Military School and College Alumni Association nominating committee.  To that end, all active 1844 Society members who are current in their dues (Any 1844 Society donor levels) will enable the KMS Museum to remain open and handle its minimum obligations of keeping the archives of the school available for all to enjoy and learn about the rich legacy that all former students have built over the last 175 years.  In addition, for an active member of the 1844 Society their “Corps Reunion” or “Old Boy” weekend meal dues are included.  An alumnus will only be responsible for their hotel and travel expenses.

  • Represents the Alumni of Kemper Military School & College
  • Comprised of Active & Associate Members
  • Has a seat on the Kemper Military School & College Alumni Association Nominating Committee
  • Works directly with the KMS Association on the Museum & Governance
  • Financial mechanism to support the KMS Museum
  • “Old Boy” or “Corps Reunion” weekend meals are included
    • “Current” membership dues must be paid for 9 consecutive months in the calendar year
    • Dues that are not current will apply to the next calendar year

1844 Society Donor Levels

All 1844 Society members will be recognized on our virtual donor wall.
  • The 1844 Society- Infinite

    $18.44 a month for your lifetime
    3D Photo Crystal - Kemper's Class Ring and School Name Laser Etched
    • Name plate recognition in museum
    • Laser engraved stainless steel business card holder
    • Custom 1844 Society T-Shirt
  • 1844 Society, Sustaining Member- Lifetime Membership

    $1844.00 (a one-time payment)
    Kemper 1844 Society Member Yellow Jacket Mascot Sculptured Trophy
    • Name plate recognition in museum
    • Custom 1844 Society T-Shirt
    • Kemper Military School Challenge Coin
    • Kemper 1844 Society Member Yellow Jacket Mascot Sculptured Trophy | 4 Inch Tall
  • The 1844 Society- 24 Months

    $18.44 a month for 24 month
    • Name plate recognition in museum
    • Custom 1844 Society T-Shirt

Museum Naming Gifts

  • Naming Displays and Exhibits in the Museum
    (suggest $25,000 and up)
  • Naming Spaces, Positions, and Funds
    (suggest $10,000 and up)
  • Bespoke tour for donor and guests with the Museum’s expert curators
  • Kemper Reunion Fee

    $60 Weekend meal pass (a one time payment)‍
    • Friday afternoon food & drinks
    • Saturday afternoon food & drinks
    • Saturday evening Banquet food & drinks
    • Sunday morning farewell breakfast
    $30 Saturday Banquet only (a one-time payment)
    • Saturday evening Banquet food & drinks

    *Reminder: If you join the 1844 Society your weekend fees are waived!

  • Two Star Circle


    name plate recognition at museum

  • Legacy Star


    name plate recognition at museum

  • History Makers


    name plate recognition at museum

  • Kemper Spirit


    name plate recognition at museum

  • Pride of Kemper


    name plate recognition at museum

  • Legacy Group


    plaque recognition at museum

  • Dean’s List


    plaque recognition at museum

  • Top Honors


    plaque recognition at museum

  • Alumni Pride

    Custom Amount

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1844 Society Museum “Old Boy Wall”

The 1844 Legacy - is the planned giving society of the Museum. Members of this society have thoughtfully included the Museum in their estate plans—through a bequest, a living trust, a life income plan, or a life insurance policy.

Please visit our virtual donor wall to see our current 1844 Society members.

  • Terms of Service

    All gifts are counted towards a cumulative lifetime across all levels.

    You may pay using your credit, debit card or ACH through your bank account.

    The Kemper Military School & College Association is a qualified 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization and donations are tax-deductible.
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